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Delivery Costs

FREE Standard Delivery

Cleverbug offer FREE SHIPPING to all customers within the UK & Ireland when they choose Standard Delivery! How cool is that?

Express Shipping

We also offer Express Shipping. If you order by 12am today and select the Express Shipping option when placing your order we can have your cards delivered to you the very next day. See our pricing table below for our Express Shipping Costs.

International Shipping

As we have recently launched, we haven’t devised our pricing plan for international deliveries. That means that if you order from anywhere outside of the UK & Ireland, you will not be charged any extra! You can too avail of our Free Standard Shipping & Express Shipping options. However it will take longer for your order to be delivered to you. You can contact our Customer Care Team who will personally deal with tracking your order for you. We will also be able to advise you on how long it will take for you to receive your order.

Quantities Express Shipping
20 £24.95
100 £24.95
200 £24.95
300 £24.95
400 £25.95
500 £26.95
1000 £31.95

The above is based on deliveries to the UK and Ireland. If you live anywhere else in the world, you can place an order but it will take a little longer to arrive.

Can I collect my order from Cleverbug?

Not normally, but we do make occasional exceptions. We're based in Dublin, Ireland if you'd like to find out more please contact our customer care team.

I want to have different packs delivered to different places. Can I get a discount on delivery costs?

Unfortunately we have to pay for shipping to each separate delivery so we can't offer a discount on multiple deliveries.

What days do you send out orders?

Every weekday, Monday to Friday.

Where are you based?

Our headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland. We have printing facilities in the UK and Ireland, as well as offices in Romania and the USA.

Do you deliver to where I live?

At present we deliver to Ireland and the UK, the stated delivery times for shipping on our site are based on shipping to these countries. Standard shipment of 5-7 business days is only available to customers in the UK and Ireland. Express Delivery is also only available to those in the UK and Ireland.

We accept orders from any country in the world, however, it will take us longer to deliver to customers outside of the UK and Ireland. We hope to offer quicker delivery to countries across the world soon.

If you are outside of the UK and Ireland and you have already put through an order, please contact our customer care team and they will assist and help you with any of your concerns.

What happens to my delivery if I'm not at home?

If you selected Express deliver, your local delivery agent may require a signature. If you work during the day, it's best to have your order delivered to your work address.

I want to place a large order, will it all come together?

We try to ship whole orders together. If there are any delays or some products take longer to print, we may have to split it up but we will always keen this to a minimum.

Can I track my order?

Please contact our Customer Care Team and they will happily assist you with tracking your order whether you choose Express Shipping or Standard Shipping. If you choose Standard Shipping, we can tell you when your order was printed then shipped and advise you on your product arrival date. If you opted for Express Shipping, we can source a tracking code for your order then notify you of your order's location en route to your door.

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