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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our frequently asked questions for faster answers.


  1. How much do Cleverbug Business Cards cost?

    The following is a list of quantities and their respective prices. Please note that this excludes VAT and shipping.


    Business Cards + FREE Standard Shipping

    Quantity FREE
    Standard Shipping
    When you order the next
    quantity up you SAVE
    100 £24.95
    200 £38.95 £49.90 - save 22%
    300 £56.95 £4.85 - save 24%
    400 £73.95 £99.80 - save 26%
    500 £89.95 £124.75 - save 28%
    1000 £164.95 £249.50 - save 34%


    Business Cards + Express Shipping

    Quantity 24HR DHL Express Delivery When you order the next quantity up you SAVE
    100 £45.65
    200 £57.95 £91.30 - save 37%
    300 £75.65 £136.95 - save 45%
    400 £92.65 £182.60 - save 49%
    500 £107.40 £228.25 - save 53%
    1000 £184.40 £456.50 - save 60%

    You can order a sample pack of 10 Free business cards. You just pay 99p for the postage! Each customer is entitled to order one sample pack.
  2. I've found a cheaper price for my business cards elsewhere, can you match it?

    We would be really surprised if you have found a better price for the same quality as Cleverbug. However, we can offer you a price match if the order quantity & product specifications are the same. Please contact our customer care team who will be able to assist you further.

Uploading files & Artwork Guidelines

  1. Using your own design

    If you have already created a design for your business cards, have a read of our format guidelines to ensure that it is in a suitable format for print.

  2. Print Size & Full Bleed Size

    Cleverbug business cards are printed at 85mm x 55mm. We advise that you upload artwork that has accounted for the bleed in your design. The standard UK bleed is 3mm all round. It has always been common practice to apply a bleed to any artwork that is designed for print.

  3. Bleed

    The edges of a document are called the bleed area. To prevent an unwanted white border from showing at the edge of your document, you should extend any background colours or design elements all the way to the edge. This area of the paper will be trimmed off after the job is printed.

    Cleverbug's online card making and editing software is designed with this good practice and ethos, to ensure that your printed products are produced to the very highest standards. Our handy card editing software will show you very clearly the margins where your business card will be cut. See the illustration below which demonstrates the full bleed size and print size.

  4. How and when to add a bleed to your artwork

    If you are working in an illustration program such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, or a photo editing program such as Adobe Photoshop, we recommend that you create your document at full bleed size (91mm X 61mm). This will prevent any white edges from showing at the borders after the final product is trimmed.

    If you are working in a layout programme such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress we recommend that you create your document at print size (85mm X 55mm) and then include the 3mm bleed in the document settings. Make sure to include the bleed in your output settings when you are saving you document as a PDF for upload.

  5. What is resolution?

    Resolution is the number of dots per inch (dpi), in other words the amount of detail the image has. The optimal format for print is 300dpi. Using a higher resolution means you will have more detail in your images and artwork. To achieve the best possible detail in your images, we recommend that you upload PDF files where possible.

  6. Recommended File Types

    Where possible, designs featuring graphics or text (basically any non-photographic content) should be submitted as PDFs.

    PDF means 'Portable Document File'. These files are universally compatible with most editing software and offer the best possible file solution for print. Most software programmes will let you save files as a PDF.

    Uploading PDFs means that your lines and fonts will be crisp and clear at any size. To keep your text in vector format, we recommend applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and more recent versions of Adobe Photoshop. Please note, saving text in JPEG format could result in a poor quality almost 'blotchy' print finish.

    When your design features a mix of photography and text, make sure that your photographs are 300dpi, and that you save your final design as a PDF.

    More technical information

    When saving your PDF files for upload, make sure that you select the 'Adobe PDF/X-1a' or 'High Quality print' preset to ensure the best print output. This option can be found in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and more recent versions of Adobe Photoshop.

    We strongly recommend that you upload your files in PDF format. JPEGs or PNGs are more commonly used for screen or web applications. We don't recommend that you upload your artwork in this file type but if you have to, make sure that you view them close on your computer to check that there are no fuzzy edges or lines. If the artwork appears to be of poor quality on your screen, it will definitely not print well!

    Before saving your design, make sure that:

    - There are no cut or crop lines;
    - All transparencies have been flattened;
    - Any fonts used are embedded.

  7. Colour

    All of our printers use a 4 colour ink process (CMYK). Screen colours (RGB - Red, Green, Blue) may appear duller or lacking in contrast when printed.

    For this reason, you should preview your work in CMYK where possible. You only need to do this if you have the image editing software.

  8. Cropping

    Did you know that business cards vary in size from country to country? For this reason, the design that you already have may not fit our template size (85mm x 55mm) perfectly.

    When you upload your old artwork and start to position it, you'll see an indication of the 'bleed' and 'safe area'. Make sure that any colour in your design fills the bleed edge to edge, and check that your important information is inside the safe area.

    See the illustration above

  9. Typography / Text / Line Art

    There are some key points to remember when using text/line art in your designs:

    - Make sure that text is at least 8pt (very small text can look good on screen but actually it will be tiny when printed)
    - Try to keep text in bold colours, made up of one or two inks only (C, M, Y or K).
    - When printing lines in a solid or dark colour, make sure they are no thinner than 0.5pt. If you're using a lighter colour we recommend 1pt.
    - Make sure all fonts are embedded or outlined.
    - Remove any cutting, crop or trim marks. These are placed on your design by Cleverbug.

    Read all of the above? You're now ready to start making your business cards. If you get stuck, contact our customer care team who will be happy to help!

Read all of the above? You're now ready to start making your business cards. If you get stuck, contact our customer care team who will be happy to help!

Packaging & Materials

  1. Paper

    We believe that quality products need quality paper and we take no shortcuts in sourcing the very best paper available. Our standard material is a durable, crisp white paper and all of our cards are matte laminated on both sides to ensure a smooth and glossy finish.

  2. Tell me more...

    Cleverbug Premium is a sleek, matte laminated paper with a silk finish. This 100% recycled 350gsm paper is a lot thicker and stronger than most business cards. We take pride in sourcing 100% recycled stock and produce this paper using sustainable energy resources. Our cards comply with FSC regulations and are ideal for those who are committed to environmentally friendly practice in all aspects of their business operations.

    Our cards are not only kind to the environment, they are also reassuringly thick and sturdy, which means they are built to stand the test of time.

  3. Packaging

    All of our orders are shipped in a sturdy corrugated box, which can hold up to 200 cards. Cards are bound together nicely and carefully protected with bubble wrap to ensure they arrive at your door in pristine condition. We aim to pack and deliver all products with pride and care but if you're not happy with the end result then neither are we. If you have concerns about a Cleverbug package that you have received, please contact our customer care team who will be happy to help.


  1. How long will it take for my cards to arrive?

    It depends on which shipping method you have chosen. Our shipping services are:

    Standard Delivery: product delivered to your door within 5-7 business days; this is for customers based in the UK & Ireland.

    Express Delivery: product delivered to your door by the following day if the product is ordered before 12Midday.

  2. How much does delivery cost?

    Standard Delivery is absolutely free! You will be presented with the exact cost when you place an order. See here for prices for Express Delivery - where we can have your business cards delivered to you by tomorrow if you order before 12 Midday today.

  3. I need my order urgently, can you deliver next day?

    Yes, as long as you order by 12 Midday and select the express delivery option when placing your order we can have your cards to you the very next day.

  4. Can I collect my order from Cleverbug?

    Not normally, but we do make occasional exceptions. We're based in Dublin, Ireland. If you'd like to find out more please contact our customer care team.

  5. I want to have different packs delivered to different places. Can I get a discount on delivery costs

    Unfortunately we have to pay for shipping to each separate delivery so we can't offer a discount on multiple deliveries.

  6. What days do you send out orders?

    Every weekday - Monday to Friday.

  7. Where are you based?

    Our headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland. We have printing facilities in the UK and Ireland, as well as offices in Romania and the USA.

  8. Do you deliver to where I live?

    At present we deliver to Ireland and the UK, the stated delivery times for shipping on our site are based on shipping to these countries. Standard shipment of 5-7 business days is only available to customers in the UK and Ireland. Express Delivery is also only available to those in the UK and Ireland.

    We accept orders from any country in the world, however, it will take us longer to deliver to customers outside of the UK and Ireland. We hope to offer quicker delivery to countries across the world soon.

    If you are outside of the UK and Ireland and you have already put through an order, please contact our customer care team and they will assist and help you with any of your concerns.

  9. What happens to my delivery if I'm not at home?

    If you selected Express deliver, your local delivery agent may require a signature. If you work during the day, it's best to have your order delivered to your work address.

  10. I want to place a large order, will it all come together?

    We try to ship whole orders together. If there are any delays or some products take longer to print, we may have to split it up but we will always keep this to a minimum.

  11. Can I track my order?

    Please contact our Customer Care Team and they will happily assist you with tracking your order whether you choose Express Shipping or Standard Shipping. If you choose Standard Shipping, we can tell you when your order was printed then shipped and advise you on your product arrival date. If you opted for Express Shipping, we can source a tracking code for your order then notify you of your order\'s location en route to your door.

  12. Do you ship internationally?

    Yes we do! As we have recently launched, we haven’t devised our pricing plan for international deliveries. That means that if you order from anywhere outside of the UK & Ireland, you will not be charged any extra! You can too avail of our Free Standard Shipping & Express Shipping options. However it will take longer for your order to be delivered to you. You can contact our Customer Care Team who will personally deal with tracking your order for you. We will also be able to advise you on how long it will take for you to receive your order.


  1. How can I pay for my cards?

    You can pay using Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card. You may also use Maestro, Solo, Visa Delta, Visa Electron or American Express cards. If you have one, you can also use your PayPal account.

  2. Can I pay with cash or cheque?

    Sorry, we don't accept these forms of payment.

  3. How do I know my payment is secure?

    To ensure that all transactions are completely secure, we use the most up to date security systems for handling online payments. We never store your card details and our payment system is fully PCI compliant.

  4. Do you store any information?

    Yes, we keep your name and address, email address and order history to make it easy for you when you return. We don't, however, store any payment details. For more information on how we handle data, visit our terms and conditions.

  5. Can I be sure that I you won't give my details to anybody else?

    Absolutely, we will never share your information with any third parties.

  6. If I don't have a company card, is there another method of payment I can use?

    Depending on the size of your order and your requirements, we can sometimes accommodate special payment terms. Please contact our customer care team who will be happy to help.

  7. Do I pay VAT on orders?

    Yes, we charge VAT on all UK orders. If your business is VAT registered you can claim this back.

  8. Do you do discounts for bulk orders?

    The more you order the more value you get for your money so yes, It pays to stock up!

  9. I am having trouble paying for my order

    We are sorry about that! See our FAQs on payment methods or contact our customer care team if you would like to speak to a representative.

  10. Why didn't my payment work?

    We check your card details when you pay, so please double check that you've entered them all correctly. One mis typed number and the transaction will fail, it can be very easy to mistype things!

  11. I've double checked all of the numbers and it's still not working

    On some very rare occasions, technical problems can cause problems with processing your payment. If you're sure that you've entered all of the numbers correctly, please contact our customer care team and we'll do our best to sort out the problem for you.

  12. What are 'Issue number' and 'Issue date'?

    Certain credit and debit cards (Switch and Solo) have these numbers which are required to process transactions. If you don't have this type of card, you don't have to enter these details.

  13. I think I have paid for my order but I didn't receive a confirmation email?

    If you didn't receive a confirmation email, your order has not been processed. If your card has been charged don't worry, we'll refund your money instantly. You can try placing the order again and if this is again unsuccessful please contact our customer care team.

  14. Cleverbug charged me twice for one order!

    If this has happened, we're very sorry. It's a mistake and we'll refund any additional payments immediately.

  15. I received 2 confirmation emails?

    If you received 2 emails, it's likely that your order was placed twice. You can cancel one of the orders by logging into your account and selecting the relevant option.

Order status

  1. I haven't received my order yet, where is it?

    Please remember that the delivery time you have been given is an estimate. We will always work hard to get your cards to you as soon as possible, but sometimes factors beyond our control mean that you may have to wait a little longer than expected. If you haven't received your order after five days from the estimated delivery date, please contact our customer care team.

  2. Can I track my order?

    If you have chosen express delivery, you can track the status of your delivery online. Full instructions of how to do this are available in the confirmation email you will be sent after we process your order.

  3. I need my business cards urgently, what can you do for me?

    If you choose express delivery and you order before 12 Midday, your business cards should be with you the very next day. If you have already ordered your cards and not yet received them, please contact our customer care team who will be able to assist in getting them to you as soon as possible.


  1. What makes Cleverbug business cards so special?

    Our clever business cards are available in thousands of great designs, many that come with useful text that's been specially written to sell your products and services. All cards are printed on high quality paper and can be fully customised with your own text, photos and logos.

  2. What size are Cleverbug Business Cards?

    Our cards are 85mm x 55mm, a common size for most business cards in the UK.

  3. Will you offer cards US-Sized business cards?

    We are currently looking into this as an option for the future.

  4. Are Cleverbug business cards double sided?

    Yes, Cleverbug business cards are printed on both sides as standard, we don't charge extra for this.

  5. How much do Cleverbug business cards cost?

    Please see our current price list.

  6. Can I get a QR code on my business cards?

    Yes, where there is an option to add an image or logo to a card design you can upload a QR code.

  7. Do you sell business card holders?

    Not just yet! We are developing our range of accessories and they will be available along with many other Cleverbug products very soon!

  8. What other products are coming to Cleverbug?

    We're very busy building and developing a great range of products for you. These include postcards, greeting cards, social media tools and much, much more. Please help us develop our range by telling us what you want.

  9. Will someone else have the same card as me?

    If you have chosen from our library of over 2000 design templates then there is a chance that someone else will have that design too. However, you can customise our cards with images and text to make them completely unique to you!

  10. Will I own the design?

    When you purchase business cards from us, you have right to use the design on those cards. We retain the copyright, which means that you can't use the design anywhere else. However, what you can take from Cleverbug are our ideas on design, colour and functionality and use these to help shape your brand.

  11. Do you sell foil or embossed cards?

    Unfortunately we don't offer those options. We're focusing on simple, affordable and high quality cards for now.


  1. What quantities do Cleverbug business cards come in?

    You can choose quantities of 20 (sample pack for just 99p), 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 1000 cards depending on your requirements. Remember, the more you buy, the cheaper they become so it pays to stock up!

  2. Can I order multiple designs in one order?

    Unfortunately this is not currently possible, but we are working on it and we hope to deliver this as an option soon!

Tell us what you think of our order quantities and pricing by contacting our customer care team.
They will be happy to hear from you!
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