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Meet The Cleverbugs

Our Executive Team – Sounds fancy doesn’t it?

Well Yes! They are top of their game in what they do, bringing out the very best in what Cleverbug offers! They also happen to be completely normal individuals who sit with everyone else in our cool open plan office! They even take turns making the tea from time to time!

Kealan Lennon – Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Education: Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Interests: Flying (qualified pilot), Golf, Tennis, Water-Skiing (badly), and of course technology!
The Cleverbug team has gone out of its way to impress in every category; customer service, design and programming. I couldn’t be more thrilled to offer our products to you.

Kealan Lennon is Founder & CEO of Cleverbug, bringing more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and success. At just 25 years of age, he did the second largest management buyout in Ireland, followed by selling his first company at age 30 to a large US group. Since then he has led, participated in, and successfully exited a significant number of private equity and venture capital backed investments alongside Dresdner Kleinwort Capital, Lioncourt Capital, Signature Capital in various publishing, media, radio, gaming, leisure, hotel, healthcare businesses.

But it was his drive for solving a significant need in the print and design industry for small business that led him to building Cleverbug. It is his belief and one that is ingrained in the company’s culture that Cleverbug will be the most customer-focused company in this sector. A most welcome change for small business and consumers.

Clearly Cleverbug is his most passionate project to date. And yes, it is true that Kealan eats, thinks, sleeps and breathes Cleverbug, balanced out of course, by his wife and two young children in Dublin, Ireland.

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Mark Brophy – Chief Operating Officer (COO)

  • Education: BDes in Industrial Design, National College of Art & Design, MSc in Computing & Design, University of Ulster.
  • Interests: Travel, Rugby, Snowboarding, Design & of course the Internet

Mark Brophy is COO of Cleverbug. He met Kealan early in 2011, when the idea was still taking shape. He had been looking to join a small start-up and when the opportunity with Cleverbug came along he jumped at the chance, packed his bags and left his life in London behind to take on the challenge.

Mark has been working in E-commerce from the very early days, firstly in Stockholm in the late 90s and subsequently 7 years in (Expedia Inc.), giving him unparalleled experience across all aspects of retail with technology driven businesses. He is particularly passionate about creating great products and services, and excited at the chance to offer small business owners print and design solutions that will help their businesses grow and succeed.

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John Fitzgerald – Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

  • Education: BA Accounting & Finance, Dublin City University, MBA, Trinity College Dublin.
  • Interests: Water sports & travel

John Fitzgerald is Financial Planning & Analysis Manager. Prior to Cleverbug, John spent 10 years working with numerous small businesses and family offices in an advisory capacity. We think it’s fair to say that since joining Cleverbug in its earliest stages of development, John’s multi-tasking ability has been tested to the max. From managing Cleverbug’s numerous Capital Investments to devising our Customer Centric pricing strategies, he knows his numbers like no one else! He has also designed and managed Cleverbug’s vast back end content organisation system making him a Master in the ‘Art of Spreadsheets.’ Interesting fact; John narrowly escaped the jaws of a shark while deep sea diving, but still loves the water!

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Chay Geauvreau – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Cleverbug is a people centric company. The digital world demands a different kind of marketing. A better kind. It’s called people to people marketing. From every angle you can possibly think of - our actions begin and end with the customer in mind.

At Cleverbug, customer service is the new marketing. Chay has an unflagging enthusiasm for Cleverbug’s vibe and energy. She loves the word ‘clever’. Don’t you?

Chay is an award winning marketer with more than 15 years experience leading different marketing teams at telecommunications company, Bell Canada. In addition, she has experience running her own online business and storefront Pink Ginger (organic products) and can relate directly to the challenges and highlights of running a successful small business.

Interesting fact: Chay isn’t that particular about the pronunciation of her name, but other people are, so here goes: Chay is pronounced ‘Shay’. Don’t worry about trying to pronounce her last name...well ok, if you want to give it a go, it’s Go-vrow and no fancy rolling on the ‘r’ required. (if you are really interested in rolling yourr’s - Youtube has a lot of videos on how to do that)

Chay likes to connect with people.

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Mark Wunder – SEO Specialist

  • Education: BS in Marketing, Clemson University
  • Interests: Golf, Mountain Biking, All Things SEO

There certainly are no shortages of Marks at Cleverbug. Mark Wunder is the SEO Specialist at He got started in Search Marketing in 1999 and has worked as an in-house Manager at several Ecommerce startups and runs a strategic consulting service dedicated to SEO.

Mark lives and breathes Search Engine Optimization. He has jump started several startups over the past 10 years and has developed a variety of affiliate websites. His diverse set of skills and experience with SEO, SEM, and social media helps set Cleverbug apart from the rest.

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Team Design & Customer Care – Girls do it best!

Cleverbug is made up of a wonderful team of designers from numerous different countries. When they get together they combine their creative, logical and cultural backgrounds to provide interesting and exciting solutions, whether it’s for product design, packaging concepts or web design. We haven’t found them a nice boy to join their team just yet, but definitely soon!

Maria Mc Cabe – Customer Services & Supply Chain Manager

  • Education: BDes in Design & Visual Communications, Master’s Degree in Design Communications, University of Ulster.
  • Interests: Outdoor Adventure, Swimming, Cycling, Travel, Music, Drama, Renewable Energy, Design & Photography.
  • Loves: Painting her nails, eating out, good coffee, wearing big woolly jumpers!

Maria is a Graphic Designer and heads Customer services & Supply Chain management. She is from Donegal and definitely has the best accent at Cleverbug! Before boarding ship in October 2011, Maria worked freelance and in-house as a graphic designer and a children’s book illustrator. She is extremely passionate about entrepreneurship, renewable energy advancements, digital technology and photography. Maria loves new challenges, risk taking and hopes to one day climb Mount Everest!

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Maria Julia Mazetto – Graphic Designer & Customer Services

  • Education: B in Architecture and Urbanism at State University of Campinas – UNICAMP – Campinas, Brazil
  • Worked: Anga Architecture, as CEO Architect, and Pixelmais Courses and Consulting in Architecture and Design, as a Professor in Campinas, Brazil.
  • Interests: Arts, Photography, Reading & Travel

Julia is a Graphic Designer with Cleverbug. She is Brazilian and has been living in Dublin for 8 months to experience exciting challenges and new cultures.

As a Graphic Designer, her architectural background has contributed much to her role at Cleverbug. Her life ambition embodies creation and innovation. Maria loves her job and living in Dublin too!

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Andrea Lantos – Graphic Designer & Customer Services

  • Education: MA in History and Museum Studies, Eotvos Lorand University - Budapest and Msc in Applied Digital Media, Griffith College – Dublin
  • Interests: Travel, Photography, Digital Art & Computer Games

Andrea Lantos is a Graphic Designer within Cleverbug. She started her graphic design career in the heavily flexible computer game industry in Budapest. In the past 4 years she continued designing for different industries in Dublin including various projects for online and print. She loves to create unique and effective designs by using clean lines and her creative world view!

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Katie Flynn – Graphic Designer & Customer Services

  • Education: Studying Graphic Design with a minor in Marketing at Drexel University-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Interests: Traveling, photography, and music.

Katie is in her third year of studying graphic design at Drexel University. She decided to move from America to Dublin as a part of her curriculum, as well as to experience a new culture. Katie is excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the Cleverbug team, to learn and grow as a designer.

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The Techie Guys – Code, code… and more code!

Our developers are enthusiastic technologists who are pushing boundaries with the progression of /. They combine their years of experience in software development with their passion for programming the online customer experience. They have provided Cleverbug with an online presence that is beautifully composed, easy to navigate and extremely helpful for every user. They are continuing to develop new logic to make the Cleverbug customer journey a delightful experience.

Mircea Baicu

  • Education: BD in Computer Science – Software Engineering, University of Oradea.
  • Interests: Computers, Internet, Basketball, Swimming

Mircea Baicu is the technical project lead of the Cleverbug development team. He is a software development enthusiast who enjoys writing software and trying new technologies. He has over 10 years of expertise in the IT professional field and likes the unusual challenges encountered in a fresh start-up.

Dragoș Bucevschi

  • Education: Computer Science, U.B.B. Cluj-Napoca
  • Interests: Technology, music, movies, out-door activities

Dragoș Bucevschi is a Senior Software Engineer, with more than 8 years’ experience in software development and Internet driven businesses. He’s passionate about building new & challenging products and web services.

Tudor Galanopulos

  • Education: Computer Science, UBB Cluj-Napoca.
  • Interests: Computers, sports and technology in general

Tudor is a Software Engineer who loves the deep programming challenges he faces every day. He discovered his passion for web programming 10 years ago, when he needed some simple pages for personal use. Since then, he's worked on large e-commerce projects and participated in many coding challenges. Before joining the Cleverbug team in late 2011, he worked as a freelancer.

Daniel Zaremba

  • Education: Technical Certificate in Electronics & Electrotechnics, Technical College Radauti, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
  • Interests: Computers, cars, travel, snowboarding

Daniel Zaremba is front-end developer at Cleverbug. He is responsible for the design slicing and HTML, CSS and jQuery implementation for the overall website.

His passion is CSS/HTML, WordPress and everything new in this field. Daniel has transformed beautiful designs into real world, pixel perfect websites and applications.

An exercise enthusiast and avid reader, a normal day for Daniel starts at 7:00 am at the gym, then heads over to the office to catch up on Smashing Magazine, Net Tuts+ Network and Web Design Depot.

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